My name is Jared Fritzinger and I am an 8th-grade Civics and Economics teacher in Virginia Beach, Virginia. In addition to teaching my subject area, I facilitate interdisciplinary sustainbility-based community action projects and am converting a decommissioned school bus into a mobile sustainability classroom and museum. In 2019 I was awarded the Presidential Innovation Award for Environmental Educators.

Education in the Wild

Education in the Wild operates off of the notion that the public education system in the United States operates off of some simple, yet carefully orchestrated, fictions about the learning experience, the nature of success, and what it means to live a good life. Through its content, the goal of this experiment is to expose some of those fictions, chart new courses, and provide some level of hope for all of the good that could come in an ever-evolving world. Along the way, we seek to highlight the artists, artisans, rebels, rogues, free-thinkers, explorers, trailblazers, and rabble-rousers inside and outside the traditional educational world who can serve as a line on the horizon to a brighter and more vibrant future.

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