I have a new piece up on my Medium blog discussing workplace practices in education as they pertain to equity, diversity, and inclusion. You can hope over and read it by clicking on the blog tab. As summer begins there are plans in the works for more regular blog posts as well as the official launch of the Education in the Wild podcast, which will explore some of the themes of this webpage in greater depth with some truly inspring people. Stay tuned for more information and stay involved.

Uncommon Beginnings

I sat on the idea of having some sort of internet presence outside of the official channels of my job for some time now, but I never really knew where to start, or maybe even why to start. Here’s what I do know. I’m a classroom teacher, 8th grade Civics and Economics to be exact, and I run an interdisciplinary sustainability project with my students. Oh, and I’m in the process of having a bunch of them turn a decommissioned school bus that runs on vegetable oil into a mobile sustainability classroom. I know that I like running sustainability projects and building buses much more than I like talking about civics. I also know that the conventional wisdom says I shouldn’t even be here. I was not a good high school student. It took me forever to get my college degrees. I spent more time playing drums in punk bands than I did studying or planning for any sort of future, and yet here I am with a wife and a child and a career and a mortgage and everything. I ended up following a pretty traditional educational pathway in the end because that was the straightest line to take to get to the goal I had in mind, which was to be a classroom teacher. Along the way, however, I was blessed to meet tons of people who had achieved some level of success (whatever that truly means) by following pathways that were very non-traditional. These people spent some time in classrooms, to be sure, but they spent much more time out in the field following their passions, trying, failing, trying again, and ultimately reaching a point where they get to live their passions daily. This webpage and all of its associated content is meant to be a celebration of those people and those pathways. It is in no way meant to decry the traditional educational model or to undo it. What I am here for is hopefully to be a light in the dark that illuminates multiple pathways so that more of us can find a road that leads us to our authentic selves. I look forward to your sharing this journey with me.